What a term!

Communication in Professional Context what a mouthful. It is scary to think that this time last year I was in grade 12 watching the time go by leaving everything to the last minute, and going to school looking forward to the best part of the day. Lunch. And now I am enrolling myself in courses, staying up late finishing assignments, and drinking way more than the recommended daily amount of caffeine. But overall the first term of my University experience has been one to remember. It is amazing how much University can change the way you not only view the world, but also how you decide to tackle challenges and solve problems.

Although this term has been one to remember it is evident that there are things that need to be changed and improved for next term, regardless of not completing this course again. Time management played a large part in this term, and it is one of the most important factors that need to be taken into consideration when completing any task. Whether it be completing assignments, or ensuring that a work project is completed on time. I have also found that it is important to prioritise work tasks in order of their completion. Prioritising goes along with time management, as these two factors help not only with communications but also with the many other subjects or tasks that need to be completed. If this course was to be completed next term these are the two factors that I believe need to be improved on the most.

This term has also brought along many challenges and although it is healthy to be challenged every now and then, but it definitely does not help when you are trying to complete other assignments for other courses. But without these challenges there is no way of determining how far we can push ourselves and others to improve.



When working in a business context it is important to take into consideration that there are many different forms of language that can be used to communicate. This can also be known as noise. Noise is present in all business situations and needs to be taken into consideration whenever communicating with others, regardless of the type of language you are using. Jargon can be used to communicate with others. It also separates employees from everyone else, and also reinforces cultural exclusion. Jargon is also known as another form of slang that is used to communicate. It is important to remember that Jargon should not be used to communicate with clients or trade partners. Jargon may be used in mass emails going out to employees regarding work parties and other social events. It should not be used to communicate changes around the workplace or higher-level security/ importance matters to employees. Another area where Jargon is not necisarry is in emails to managers or higher-level staff. It is important to take these factors into consideration when wanting to communicate with others around the workplace to ensure that the correct message is received.


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BlueScope Steel’s Annual Report

BlueScope Steel is an international company that provides quality steel products to consumers all over the world (“About Us – BlueScope Corporate”, 2018). When someone looks at a business report the most common reaction is firstly shock, and then they ask, ‘do I have to read this?’ after reading through the 2016/17 annual report for BlueScope Steel it is evident that there are not as many tables as such, and there is more writing and letters from CEOs (2018). This would be beneficial for people such as myself that have difficulty reading and understanding business reports, but is can also be a weakness if shareholders are wishing to retrieve information or see where the company is going in the future.

Not just in BlueScope Steel’s report but in all reports, I do believe that the length of reports is quite excessive and can be viewed as a weakness. A positive is that the reports change every year whether it be the format or a new CEO. After going through three of BlueScope Steel’s reports it is clear to see that the CEO has changed from 2014 to the present date, and also the format and structure of the report has also change, although this is because of the change in data (2018).

Although I do believe that business reports are beneficial in many ways they can also be confusing for those that may be looking at one for the first time. Therefore, it is important to remember that you are not the only person that does not understand what the business may be talking about. It is also important to remember that skim reading is a very effective way of getting through the ninety pages with some sort of ease.





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Lite n’ Easy

Lite ‘n’ easy is a cost-effective way of eating healthy and spending less time in the kitchen. The chosen advertisement is directed at families that live a busy lifestyle, and also people that may not be able to cook and need an easy alternative to not only cooking but also preparing healthy meals. I do believe that it may be difficult for people that do not have access to cooking equipment to prepare these meals while they are out at work and other events. It is also evident that there needs to be a wider variety of people taking part in these advertisements, this will therefore reassure others that may be sceptical about going onto an eating plan that it does not matter what shape, size or nationality you are lite ‘n’ easy is for you.

When watching the advertisement, the message that is trying to be portrayed is clear and easy to understand. By the company doing this it ensures that lite ‘n’ easy is for everyone and that it is a versatile product. In their other advertisement’s there are also examples of family and friends gathering around a dinner table enjoying the many meals that lite ‘n’ easy have provided. This is another positive to their advertisements as customers or future customers are able to see that they are also able to have family and friends around to enjoy amazing food and company, knowing that they are eating appropriately.

These factors are very beneficial as it engages customers, and also encourages them to sign up to their product and turn their life around. When the advertisement shows family and friends gathered around a table enjoying the various different foods, it also encourages them to tell them about the product. This will then encourage more and more people to purchase the product also.




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Referencing and research.

Referencing is one of the key elements of education. Referencing ensures that the work you have produced is credible, accurate, reliable, and substantiated. APA referencing at first may appear daunting, but with an understanding of the benefits of the tool and methods to use it, it becomes a useful tool when completing assignment tasks. It is important to note that you must acknowledge the source of your information. The original author of your information utilised for your assessment must be given credit for and this then ensures that all sources used are correctly referenced in an easy-to-read format.

The structure of APA referencing can at first glance be confusing, but if you do enough research (on creditable sources that is) the structure becomes quite clear. When learning how to use APA referencing it is important that you research examples as such. They will not only assist you in understanding the process that needs to take place, but also where different fonts are required, what information is necessary and how to reference from different sources for example, a book, website or journal. It is important to note that there is a different format for each source when using APA referencing. Such as; books, long and short quotations, paraphrasing, websites and figures or tables. It is important to note that there are so many ways of referencing different items

In-text referencing is an important factor when completing research tasks, and it is important that you take into consideration the four key referencing techniques that are used when using information differently.  The four different techniques are used for paraphrasing, this is when you convey the author’s idea indirectly. Using this option, you must change the sentence structure and add your own words. Next is summarising which is where you briefly sum up another author’s work. Direct quotations, an in-text reference must be used here as you are quoting the author’s words exactly, using short or long sentences. And finally, is figures and tables. This is when you use an author’s data to support your own, and you must also include an in-text reference for this (APA referencing style, 2018).


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How it all began

Hello everyone!

It’s safe to say that I am in uncharted waters writing my first blog, so I’ll keep things short and sweet! Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Grace Williams, I’m 17 and to say that I’m nervous about embarking on my new learning journey at CQU is an understatement.

I am in my first year studying a Diploma of Business which all going well, I will complete by the end of year. In 2013 my family relocated to Rockhampton from a small town called Moura, which is two hours West of Rockhampton.

The sporting and educational choices that were on offer were amazing and I am fortunate that the move allowed for these opportunities. New school, sporting teams and home environment was rather overwhelming but well worth it, as I’ve made some great lifelong friends, enjoy part time work and I play netball and volleyball within local teams.

I chose a Diploma in Business because at the end of the day you need to be business wise and money matters count. I believe this learning module will open many pathways and employment avenues as business offers a broad range of choices.

I look forward to tackling this unit with everyone!

Good luck!